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Corrugated Plastic Wardrobe Box

  • $22.50

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Prior to your scheduled pickup, we will contact you with a renewal link if you wish to keep your Clean Moving Crates for another week. If you've already decided to keep them longer, just send us an email at or call us at 832-388-4262. We can take rental extension requests over the phone or by email.
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Our sturdy corrugated plastic wardrobe boxes save you time and trouble by taking clothes straight from the closet without removing hangers. 

  • Efficient space - Each wardrobe box holds approximately 18 - 24 inches of hung clothing. 
  • Heavy Duty - Clean Moving Crates has reinforced our wardrobe boxes with a PVC frame to prevent them from collapsing like the cardboard alternatives.
  • Size - Our wardrobe boxes measure 18″L x 20″W x 46″H and include an aluminum rod for hanging clothes.
  • Discounted price for multiple week rentals:  $12.00 per wardrobe first week; Additional weeks priced half off at $6.00 per wardrobe for each additional week

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