Residential Moving Packages

Our plastic, stackable Clean Moving Crates are delivered to your door. After your move, we pick the boxes up at your new location. There is no assembly or breakdown.

  • Save Time.  Clean Moving Crates do not need any assembly or tape. They nest inside each other when empty, and stack packed on top of each other for easy moving. We deliver to your door so you can focus your time on moving. 
  • Save Money.  Clean Moving Crates are cheaper than moving with cardboard boxes. No materials are needed to assemble the boxes and no time is wasted buying the materials. 
  • Reduce Waste.   Clean Moving Crates are reusable up to 400 times unlike cardboard boxes.
  • No More Curbside Recycling of Cardboard Boxes.  Clean Moving Crates are picked up after you finish unpacking which saves you the hassle of dragging cardboard packing boxes to the curb for recycling pickup.